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Hacker inside (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who’d believe it? Some dirty rotten hacker infected my site with malicious code and caused me no end of bother with Google, my hosting company JustHost and for what?

My modest little offering of a website was attacked and hacked by some low-life, scummy, trojan loading moron and it’s made me very angry!

In addition; they hijacked one of my email accounts and used it as the reply address for undeliverable spam emails so that not only did I start receiving hundreds of Mailer daemon undelivered message alerts every day, it looked like I’d sent the spam mails in the first place!

I won’t rant on and on, but it’s taken lots of time to get everything back to normal. My passwords have all been changed to a much stronger set, so hopefully there won’t be a recurrence.

My big question is WHY? apart from using my email account as a waste bin for all the undeliverable message alerts that the hackers don’t want to receive themselves, what possible benefit could they gain by screwing me over and causing me such inconvenience? – I guess I’ll never know. Any suggestions? – feel free to get in touch.

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