My Dad – John McGuff, Jazz Legend

My dad John (Johnnie) McGuff, passed away over 6 years ago, A recent newspaper article that I found prompted me to have a wee internet search for any listings about my dad that I hadn’t seen before.

I found this YouTube video of him playing with his band the Clyde Valley Stompers. They were performing the band’s sixties UK Chart Top 30 Hit, Peter and the Wolf on a Television show at the time.

Enjoy. Comment if you’d like.

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I'm a lover of food, a lover of gathering recipes and cooking them for my family and friends. I live in Scotland and started the 'juicytitbit' blog in February 2011 to connect with other foodies wherever they may be.
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5 Responses to My Dad – John McGuff, Jazz Legend

  1. Ian Mosson says:

    Hi Derek,
    I have just as purchased a LaFleur by Boosey & Hawkes valve trombone from Bryce Ferguson (instrument repairs) in Juniper Green, Edinburgh.
    Bryce mentioned that it used to belong to your father.
    Did your dad ever own a La Fleur valve trombone?, and if so, do you happen to know, how old the instrument is?, and if ther is any more that you could tell me about it the instrument, and who your dad played with at the time etc.
    I have viewed the above clip, but see that your dad is playing a slide trombone.
    But I would be interested to find out more about your dad, and info on the trombone.
    I will continue to search the internet.

    Thanks in advance.

    Ian Mosson

    • Derek McGuff says:

      Hi Ian,

      Great to hear one of my dad’s instruments has found a new home. I hope you enjoy owning it.

      To be honest my dad played slide trombone professionally and latterly played with his favourite, a Conn, which Bryce restored for me. We plan on keeping this in the family.

      I’ve a feeling my dad used the valve trombone for leisure playing although he may well have used it on the odd gig.

      I’m sorry I can’t give you more specific info on your particular instrument Ian, but my dad did own it and you can get loads of info on the man via Google.

      Anything more specific you’d like to know, just ask and I’ll certainly help you if I can.

      Best wishes,


  2. Alan Scott says:

    Hi Derek,

    I just happened to to find your site. I remember fondly your Dad playing many Wednesday evenings at the Blue Lagoon along with Jimmy Shortreed on Clarinet. I went regularly with my dad – Alex Scott who played a lot of gigs on Drums. Dad’s cousin Archie Deacon was usually there also & Archie used to get to play a few numbers taking Frank Byrnie’s place on the Drums.

    We also used to go regularly to the Sunday lunchtime Jazz at the Barnton Hotel also where your dad played. Last time I saw him was when he was accompanying the Lindyhoppers at St Brides Centre where I recall buying him a pint & reminiscing on some of Edinburgh’s past Jazz Ambassadors.

    You are rightly proud of your dad. He was a great swinging player & absolutely loved Jazz. Sadly, Archie & my dad no longer with us. I am so lucky to have had a dad that brought me up to appreciate the wonderful musical art form of Jazz.

    kind regards
    Alan Scott

    • Derek McGuff says:

      Thanks for your kind words Alan.

      The jazz crowd from back in the day were great to be around, I have a pretty eclectic taste in music but I did enjoy the jazz gigs that I attended with my Dad in days gone by. Memories eh?

      All the best to you and yours.

  3. Graham Roy says:

    Hi Derek,

    My dad, George Roy passed in late October 2015. He always enjoyed gigs with your dad at the Barnton etc and I heard him say several times that he thought he was one the best musicians he played with.


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